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cover letter چیست؟


Cover letter (کاور لتر) نامه ایست که به رزومه، مقاله، پروپوزال، انواع درخواستهای همکاری برای دوره های ارشد، دکترا یا پست داک (فوق دکترا) یا هر سند ارسالی شما پیوست می شود و هدف از آن توضیح محتویات سند ارسالی شما، معرفی و ایجاد انگیزه در خواننده است. مثلا اگر مقاله یا رزومه یا پروپوزال خود را بدون کاور لتر ارسال نمایید، ممکن است گیرنده ایمیل شما (سردبیر ژورنال یا استاد مورد نظر شما) به سند ارسالی شما توجهی نکند. با توجه به طولانی بودن مقالات ، پروپوزالها ویا رزومه ، شما می بایست در یک نامه مختصر Cover letter در حد نیم یا یک صفحه به محتویات رزومه یا مقاله یا پروپوزال خود اشاره نمایید. در زیر نکات مهم (به زبان انگلیسی)در نوشتن cover letter های مختلف برای درخواستهای مختلف گرد آوری شده است:

یک نمونه قالب Cover letter:

قالب کاور لتر

چگونه کاور لتر بنویسم:

First paragraph – the opening statement should set out why you are writing the letter. Begin by stating the position you’re applying for, where you saw it advertised and when you are available to start

Middle paragraphs – you should use the next two or three paragraphs to explain: what attracted you to this vacancy and type of work; why you’re interested in working for the company; and what you can offer to the organisation. Demonstrate how your skills match the specific requirements of the job description

Last paragraph – use the closing paragraph to indicate your desire for a personal interview, while mentioning any unavailable dates. Finish by thanking the employer and say how you are looking forward to receiving a response

یازده قانون در نوشتن یکcover letter  خوب وموثر:

be concise and to the point – keep it to one side of A4

use the same quality plain white paper you used to print your CV

include a named contact whenever possible to show you have sent it to them personally

relate your skills to the job advert and make a case for why the employer should want to meet with you

proofread – always double-check your spelling and grammar without relying on a computer spellcheck program

target the company by tailoring your cover letter for each application

page layout should be easy on the eye, set out with the reader in mind

check to make sure you’ve got the company name and other key details right

read it and cut out any unnecessary words or sentences

if sending electronically, put the text in the body of the email rather than as an attachment to avoid it being detected by spam filters

stick to your own words, avoiding jargon and formal clichés

7 اشتباه بزرگ در نوشتن cover letter:

failing to address the letter to a named individual at the company-

repeating what is written in your CV-

forgetting to proofread your letter and sending it full of mistakes-

spilling over onto a second page-

sharing unnecessary personal details and giving rambling explanations-

concentrating too much on your qualifications rather than your skills-

failing to target your letter to the specific job you’re applying for-



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